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Covid-19 -

Posted by Admin Posted on Mar 22 2020
To comply with CDC recommendations, all client appointments will now be conducted online via my Virtual Online Meeting room powered by GoToMeeting. I will not be seeing clients in my office for the next few weeks.  
My Firm is blessed with many clients. This time of year numerous clients pass through my office, as many as 20 per day Many of these clients are the ‘at risk’ older population. For this and many reasons, I cannot put my clients, myself or my family at risk.  
Traditional Accounting Principles / Innovative Accounting Practices
Fortunately, my Firm has been operating for years in an ‘Online’ environment. Via Link (secure online document sharing) and my Virtual Online Meeting room via GoToMeeting. In 2017 the IRS and all state tax agencies began accepting digital signatures. Many of my clients have taken advantage of my online services for years, uploading their documents, reviewing and signing their returns via their Link account and meeting with me online via my Virtual Online Meeting room. Now, implementing these best practices for all my clients due to the Covid 19 outbreak for my Firm is very easy.  Honestly, many clients love getting their taxes done by me without having to come into the office.
To Learn more about Meeting online, visit my Virtual Meeting Room at :
Simply requires a computer with speakers, webcam and mic. All laptops and tablets come standard with these components.  
To Schedule Teleconferences or Online Meetings with me:
All my clients, individuals and businesses get a free Link account, to Learn what Link is and to log in to your Link account, go to any page in my website and click on the Client Login - Individual button in the upper left. If you’re having difficulty getting into your Link account, text me at 505-886-1040. My staff will be sure to get you into your Link account.  
Remember, I file extensions for all clients, business and individuals whether I hear from you or not. If you are a client, and I haven’t completed and filed your tax return by the due date, I file an extension for you. As your CPA I can do this on your behalf without your signature. So, if you choose to just wait this out and do your taxes in the summer or fall, rest assured I will file an extension for you and then you may contact me when you are ready. This will be the case for many of my older clients who don’t have the systems to participate in online meetings or utilize their Link account. I’ll file an extension for you and see you this summer or in the fall.  
If there is an anticipated balance due with your tax return (Federal and/or State) we’ll need to send in an estimated tax payment. An extension does not extend the tax due, it only extends the due date of your tax return. We can also do this online.  
With the Federal Reserve cutting interest rates to zero, I also expect the IRS and States to make some concession on interest rates and penalties for tax balances due. Frankly, I’ve been disappointed in our government for not already extending the due date along with interest and penalty concessions. I am presently lobbying for this.  
Remember, the best way to reach me is to text me. 505-886-1040. The worst way to reach me is to call me and leave me a message. If you need to talk with me, schedule a teleconference or online meeting with me via my online calendar at :
Lets all be safe out there. Thanks for your continued business !!
Montgomery Dillavou, CPA