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3 Types of meetings:  Zoom - Teleconference - In Office

Zoom Meetings are preferred !!    

New Client Free Consultations - Zoom is preferred

We use Zoom for its screen sharing capabilities.  While it's popular for video conferencing, a CPA / Client meeting requires the ability to share screens and have detailed discussions about documents, forms and filings.  Effective screen sharing requires all participants to join the Zoom meeting from a computer or tablet, NOT from a smartphone (screen is too small).  In the typical CPA / Client meeting we are discussing things like tax returns, financial statements, spreadsheets, etc.  Zoom enables us to do this in a secure, efficient way.  Thereby replacing the traditional in person CPA / Client meeting with a virtual meeting over Zoom.  New client free consultations are also best over Zoom.  We are able to present things such as our fee schedule and our process.  Zoom also has a document transfer feature that enables us to transfer documents to one another during the meeting.  Additionally, in 2017 the IRS and State tax authorities began accepting electronic or digital signatures on many Forms.  We are even able to collect your signature online too !!  These tools enable us to serve clients across the country and anywhere in the world.  

Webcam, speakers and mic are needed. All Laptops / Tablets meet these requirements.  If you’re on a desktop, insure you have these components installed and working. Don’t join from your smartphone unless its docked to a workstation (samsung dex)